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  • Pronunciation | Recurso educativo 23317


    Oxford University Press (España) Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1934 visitas

    In this resource we can check our pronunciation of English sounds (vowels, diphthongs, consonants). It contains an English Sounds Pronunciation Chart in Flash format.

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  • Pronunciation exercises | Recurso educativo 23403

    Pronunciation exercises

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 5 lo usan
    • 2418 visitas

    The resource contains nearly 75 pronunciation exercises. We practise English pronunciation (syllable stress, sentence practice and all English sounds).

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  • Forvo pronunciation | Recurso educativo 63544

    Forvo pronunciation

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1690 visitas

    This iPad, iPhone and iPod application is a pronunciation dictionary. It allows us to search for words and get a native pronunciation. It is available in most languages.

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  • Pronunciation Quiz | Recurso educativo 23335

    Pronunciation Quiz

    BBC Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1960 visitas

    Set of five quizzes designed to help us learn about English pronunciation. There are questions about sound symbols, similar sounds, spelling, pronunciation and listening for sounds.

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  • Pronunciation animations | Recurso educativo 23934

    Pronunciation animations

    Cambridge English Online Organización

    • 2001 visitas

    Resource designed to help us improve our pronunciation. We watch animations in which we practice sounds, stress, intonation, and the phonemic chart.

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  • Quiz: Pronunciation | Recurso educativo 48790

    Quiz: Pronunciation

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1423 visitas

    In this quiz we hear a word and we have to choose between two options which is the one that we have heard. Next, we can check our results.

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  • American English pronunciation (videos) | Recurso educativo 48290

    American English pronunciation (videos)

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 2 lo usan
    • 2908 visitas

    This is a youtube channel dedicated to phonetics and American English pronunciation. In the videos we can practice, for instance, the final -ed form in verbs.

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  • American English pronunciation | Recurso educativo 48288

    American English pronunciation

    Educarchile Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 2269 visitas

    In this web we can learn theory about phonetics: how sounds are classified, the difference between voiced and voiceless, etc. By clicking on words we can read the definition in case we do not know the terms.

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  • Pronunciation of '-ed' | Recurso educativo 34547

    Pronunciation of '-ed'

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 2505 visitas

    The resource contains an explanation on how to pronounce the '-ed' ending in English (past simple tense and past participle of all regular verbs).

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  • Irregular verbs: Pronunciation | Recurso educativo 60254

    Irregular verbs: Pronunciation

    Tiching explorer Organización

    • 1 lo usan
    • 1661 visitas

    This resource consists of a video in which we learn how to pronounce the most common English irregular verbs.

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